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Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is the second-largest community in Georgia and is made up of 54 neighborhoods. The city is neither white- nor blue-collar predominantly and has a mixed workforce with all types of jobs. Per capita income in Augusta is a little above average income for Georgia, and a little under average relative to the rest of the US. It’s important to find a real estate agent in Augusta that understands the local market. There are wonderful neighborhoods like Harrisburg and Summerville. Many members of the armed forces live in Augusta and you’ll meet or see them around town even if they are not always in uniform.

Best Real Estate Agents in Augusta

Regina Wadsworth

3633 Wheeler Road, Suite 125 Augusta, GA


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Ahmad Hussaini

3633 Wheeler Road Suite 125 Augusta, GA 30909


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Augusta Real Estate Agents

Kathryn Claire Stone

3519 Wheeler Road Augusta, GA 30909


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Rebecca Stuppard

3633 Wheeler Rd Augusta, GA 30909


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Joan Steinberg

601 Scott Nixon Memorial Drive, Augusta, Georgia, 30907


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