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Despite what you may hear from perma bears, property investments are still a great way to grow your wealth and increase your passive income. But not all properties are created equal. When it comes to buying investment properties, the key is to look for suburbs with a proven history of capital growth. This will ensure that your investment property has the potential to outperform its competitors.

At Using Super to Buy Investment Property, we use objective market indicators to analyse each suburb. These are based on factors such as population growth, local infrastructure developments, and the presence of a strong job market that will sustain long-term demand for housing. We also take into account the current and projected rental yields of each suburb.

Navigating the Melbourne Real Estate Market: A Buyer’s Handbook for Investment Properties

As a result, our clients are investing in suburbs with affordable median house prices and good public transport access – such as Officer in Melbourne’s south-east. Here, you can get a three-bedroom house for around $600k. It has a high-quality school, excellent public transport options, and proximity to the Princes Freeway.

Changing demographics and evolving family circumstances are driving shifting market trends. Many young families are opting to trade their backyards for courtyards and balconies, while single-person households are favoring medium-density inner-city apartment living. This is fuelling a growing demand for well-designed apartments and townhouses in lifestyle suburbs. But, unfortunately, the number of poorly built off-the-plan apartments on the market or currently under construction is causing a decline in overall demand for these types of homes.

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