CAT 6A Cable Installation in San Antonio and Austin, TX

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When you’re adding new technology or updating old ones, the cabling that connects it all is an essential part of your network. Dunman Electric offers Cat 6A Cable Installation in San Antonio and Austin,TX to help you get your systems connected quickly and affordably.

How much does it cost to install Cat6 cable?

Whether you’re adding home theater equipment, smart appliances or an Internet router, you need high-quality cabling to ensure it works properly. Our skilled residential electricians are experienced with a range of data and communications wiring projects. They can wire your whole house or just a few rooms, and will work with you to find the best solutions for your needs and budget.

Generally speaking, the more drops or connections you have in your home, the higher quality cabling you need to get good performance. A reputable contractor will recommend at least 20 drops for optimal performance and ease of troubleshooting down the road. Our electricians can install these drops quickly and efficiently, and can even provide a custom patch panel to manage more connections.

If you’re looking to upgrade your cabling, CAT-6a provides Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and will handle your high-speed needs at an average price of $0.25 per foot. This is a significant improvement over the maximum transfer rates of CAT-5e or CAT-5 cable, but still less expensive than fiber optic cabling, which can cost up to $1 per foot. When choosing a cabling type, consider what you’ll be using it for now and in the future to determine which is the right fit for your home.

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