Garage Door Installation – How to Do it Yourself

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Garage door installation is often a big project that may require professional help. If you have an older door that needs to be removed, this will add to the overall cost of the project. Many people also choose to have lighting put in while the electrician is on site, which can add another $200 – $500 to the final bill.

What is a garage door emergency?

Start by putting together the main assembly of the rail. Your opener should have detailed instructions that can guide you through this step. Once this is done, you can begin the door section installation.

Locate the first panel, the bottom one, which can be identified by the rubber weather stripping along its long edge. Place the panel downward on two padded sawhorses. This will protect the panel from scratches and will keep it stable while you work on it. Attach the metal brackets that will hold the track to this panel, on its lower end (near the weather stripping). This is done on both sides of the door.

After this, locate the door-track brackets and the track flag brackets. These will need to be lag screwed into the wall framing. This can be a time consuming task. Ensure that all of the bolts are tightened.

Next, select the second door section and set it on top of the first one. Center it and affix the number one hinges on the ends and the number two hinge in the middle. Shim this section as needed to make it level. Repeat this process on each successive section, checking and adjusting them for level each time.

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