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Driving lessons east london to drive with one of the best Driving Schools in East London. Our instructors are patient and use the latest teaching techniques to help you pass your test and become a confident driver. With flexible scheduling and competitive pricing, we are the best choice for your driving lessons.

Our DVSA approved instructors offer manual and automatic driving lessons in East London for complete beginners, nervous learners, if you have failed your driving test or simply need refresher driving lessons to brush up on your skills. We also provide the DVSA Pass Plus course which is a practical training program that can give you confidence on the road and save you money on car insurance.

New Rules of Driving Test

With the introduction of the new independent driving section of the driving test on December 4th 2017, some things have changed. For example, the examiner will now not instruct the learner on where to go during this 20 minute session. Instead, the learner will be expected to follow a pre-set route which they will have been given on a sheet of paper by the examiner. This means that mistakes will not result in a failure (as long as they do not cause a hazard). The two reverse manoeuvres have also been removed; you will now be asked to either park in a bay or parallel park on the side of the road.

We encourage our learner drivers to practice in different areas of the city, including a variety of roads and car parks. We recommend parking in large retail parks such as the Great Western Retail Park on 10 Allerdyce Rd for reversing into bays, or using car parks at Sheildhall, Bishopbriggs or Hamilton for practising reversing and driving on dual carriageways.

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