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dgt test English is a free app for Android, that was made by DGT (Direccion General de Trafico). The dgt test English provides a fully updated Spanish driving theory exam in English that follows the same format as the official DGT theoretical exam for PERMISO B. This 30-question exam admits no more than three wrong answers.

DGT Test: Your Comprehensive Guide to English

One of the main responsibilities of the DGT is setting standards for driving education. This includes defining curriculums, establishing the qualifications of driving instructors, and ensuring that the training received is comprehensive, up-to-date, and conducive to producing competent drivers.

The DGT also administers both theoretical and practical driving tests. These tests are designed to evaluate a prospective driver’s understanding of traffic rules, ability to handle a vehicle, and consideration for other road users. By conducting these tests, the DGT ensures that only qualified individuals are granted driving licenses.

DGT is the backbone of Spain’s driving system, ensuring that traffic laws are adhered to and that safety is prioritized on the roads. It also works continuously towards improving the driving environment and enhancing public safety.

If you’re considering becoming a licensed driver in Spain, the first step is taking the DGT written exam. This can be done with a driving school as part of a full package including practical classes or you can choose to free-affiliate until you pass, seeking out your own instruction or exam prep materials, making your own appointment at the DGT, and turning in your registration documents (and tasa, always tasa) yourself.

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